Outdoor Trails Are Not Like They Used To Be!

When I was growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s, trail hiking was a normal activity for most Americans. There were still plenty of farmers, plenty of rural areas outside of cities that offered, and still do, some of the most amazing trails in the U.S., but times are changing with some new and some new “old” added to the list of the types of trails available today both in cities and rural.

There is a huge ongoing project that is growing wildly across American cities and rural towns. They are revamping only railroad lines and turning them into public trails. Most of them are not just for hikers, but also for walkers, biker riders and other more modern means of personal transportation that are not really vehicles.

Some of these trails are short line runs from mail lines that were initially installed because of factories or plants that have long shut down or moved. These lines could range from just a few miles to well over 20 miles. with some exceeding 60 miles. Railroad bridges have been turned into pedestrian types of bridges that can also deal with bikes.

Some are paved or have asphalt surfaces, some are still dirt or gravel, some are a combination of modern and old, giving more to everyone on the trail. Many have watering stations, bike rentals and other services along the trails and many historical landmarks aver visible from these trails.

If these trails are something that interest you, you should look into Rail-To-Trail conversions. It’s worth looking into.

Damon Spencer is an avid hiker, camper, and definite dog lover. With a husky in tow, there’s always adventure to be had in the great outdoors.

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